Healing & Life Skills Program

Helping build respectful relationships 

Our programs benefit a wide range of individuals, including:

Our programs benefit a wide range of individuals, including:

  • Members of the community who are marginalised and isolated
  • Members of the Stolen Generations and their families
  • Young people who have experienced abuse or family violence
  • People who have contact with the criminal justice system
  • People with drug, alcohol and gambling and other addiction based issues
  • However this not an exhaustive list and any who are willing are welcome to participate.

    We are regularly engaged by service providers across the community and not for profit space to run programs for their clients alongside their full time teams.

    An example of the types of programs appear below:

    The Original Gamarada Men’s Healing & Life Skills Program- 10 weeks part time

    The Gamarada Men’s program runs over 10 weekly sessions. Throughout the program, participants learn how to deal with their energy, emotions and reactions. They are empowered to break damaging patterns of behaviour, and to achieve positive goals. Practical techniques and life skills are key components of the program including stress/anger management and skills for building respectful relationships. Traditional Aboriginal methods and spirituality are central to the process of learning, development and self-healing throughout the program.

    The intense Gamarada Healing and Life Skills Workshop - 2 full days / 10 week part time or ½ day starter

    This program was developed to transfer the above 10 week program into a two-day transportable package for delivery in rural NSW and other regions of Australia. It is a self-healing and life skills development program that uses Aboriginal knowledge and methods to empower participants. The program utilizes group work to teach participants practical skills such as stress management, relaxation, breathing and visualization. Awareness is explored using Indigenous Spiritual practices such as ‘Dadirri’ (deep listening, quiet stillness and awareness). Anger management and emotional control (non-reaction techniques) are also focal points which are reinforced through practical application. The workshops are a catalyst for participants taking responsibility for the destructive patterns of behaviour and linking with the appropriate services to support the in their recovery.

    Next steps or standalone - Anger management and self-healing empowerment and sharing workshop – 1 day

    This is a single session (and possible follow up) for graduates of the Gamarada Men’s Program. It has been developed so that graduates can learn to run their own programs in the community (and charge their own fees for this). The session mixes Aboriginal healing with cultural material, and incorporates Eastern methods that focus on relaxation, cleansing and awareness.

    The session is a comprehensive presentation drawing from the Gamarada 10 week program. It includes practice exercises and practical techniques to work through anger and help with self-healing. Techniques are drawn from Aboriginal culture, Buddhism, Yoga, as well as the work of Dr Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Professor Judy Atkinson and others.

    Biyanga Naminma – “Father to Show”

    Biyanga Naminma is a program to encourage dads’, Uncles, male carers and mentors to value and support the education of their children. The program is designed to empower participants and their families by building knowledge and strengths; as well as facilitating better understanding, communication and relationships between parents and schools.

    Benefits of the program include promoting the image of Aboriginal fathers as leaders and mentors, improving educational outcomes for children, building better relationships with schools, supporting and reinforcing children’s learning at home. Through this program fathers can contribute more to their children, and reach their full potential. The Biyanga Naminma program may also be an opportunity for men to tell their own stories, and connect them to mental health, employment, health services, education and support.