Empowerment & Justice

Early intervention and community focused 

Services Summary

GUIR's capacity in the Indigenous social and emotion wellbeing space places us in a sound position to work in support of justice initiatives across NSW and nationally.

GUIR services exist to help fill the gaps in existing services and specialize in the following: victims of crime, diversionary programs, and post release support.

Who - sectors What


  • Primary & secondary
  • Higher/Tertiary

Primary & Secondary outcomes improvement programs – boys only with focus on Parental and community engagement (Gamarada Healing Juniors) Higher & Tertiary – cultural communications capability in medicine/nursing/public health; social work/criminology study areas – for students and lecturing staff (train the trainer)

Juvenile Justice

To improve recidivism rates, reduce suicide and create diversionary activities/behaviours Strategic advocate – speaking and raising awareness – use Gamarada Healing & Life Skills program as platform Program Audit and Assessment – leading to program improvement

Program Design and Delivery

Cultural capability training and development in service delivery personnel – legal profession, police, prison and rehabilitation professionals

Mental Health

Advisory services to key mental health policy development bodies and service providers

Tailored program development and delivery

Gamarada Healing & Life Skills Program - 2 day / 10 week and ½ day programs Implementation advice Program evaluation and improvement advice

Cross sector

Participation in advisory panels Development and delivery of consultative community and stakeholder programs




Case Model - Empowerment and Justice

Mental Health Legal Services Project