GUIR’s Mission & Values

Enabling consistent and reliable outcomes 


To create and deliver cohesive and holistic organic grass roots community initiatives which deliver extensive and far reaching therapeutic outcomes for individuals and communities

To enable widespread consistent and reliable outcomes in the area of Aboriginal adult, youth and child mental health through the health, education and justice systems

Our Vision and Values


    • To improve Aboriginal youth and male mental health outcomes to effect real and sustainable change across multiple health indicators
    • To reduce the instances and effects of depression, violence, suicide, crime and recidivism within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities with a particular focus on men and young people
    • To create a strong and deep understanding across the service providers in these sectors to enable them to expand and improve their outcomes
    • To develop programs whose outcomes can and are measured in the short and long term to maximise results for individuals and also ensure resources are invested effectively


      • Respect for culture and community of all peoples involved in the sector
      • Collaboration with service providers, policy and change-makers, clients and communities
      • Sustainable outcomes for all our programs, we are in this for real change
      • Accountability – we expect high quality service delivery of ourselves and others

We select individuals and groups to work with that share our values.