Empowerment & Health and Mental Health


GUIR is Mobilising local communities for better mental health. Since 2008 GUIR has been recognised for our work contributing to better mental health outcomes and community leadership in healing, building leadership in Indigenous communities and collaborating with allied health, community and researchers to validate our outcomes in mental health with children, youth and adults. Our work has been recognised by NSW Premier and Cabinet with a Premiers Excellence Award 2010, a profile in 2008 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Social Justice Commissioners, Social Justice Report, and the 2014 NSW Mental Health Plan as well as numerous other reports and publications. GUIR was among a select few to attend the 'Leaders in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Forum 2013.

Who - sectors What


  • Primary & secondary
  • Higher/Tertiary

Primary & Secondary outcomes improvement programs – boys only with focus on Parental and community engagement (Gamarada Healing Juniors) Higher & Tertiary – cultural communications capability in medicine/nursing/public health; social work/criminology study areas – for students and lecturing staff (train the trainer)

Juvenile Justice

To improve recidivism rates, reduce suicide and create diversionary activities/behaviours Strategic advocate – speaking and raising awareness – use Gamarada Healing & Life Skills program as platform Program Audit and Assessment – leading to program improvement

Program Design and Delivery

Cultural capability training and development in service delivery personnel – legal profession, police, prison and rehabilitation professionals

Mental Health

Advisory services to key mental health policy development bodies and service providers

Tailored program development and delivery

Gamarada Healing & Life Skills Program - 2 day / 10 week and ½ day programs Implementation advice Program evaluation and improvement advice

Cross sector

Participation in advisory panels Development and delivery of consultative community and stakeholder programs



Case Model - Empowerment & Health and Mental Health

Mental Health Legal Services Project