Empowerment & Education

Competency training and development 


Through our extensive program delivery and co-ordination experience we have developed a deep knowledge of the skills and techniques to effect successful program outcomes. We share this insight and our tools with other key service provision professionals to enable them to deliver their services more effectively in both a cultural and clinical context. These include:

  • Health care professionals such as nurses, doctors.
  • Community program co-ordinators
  • Early intervention justice/forensic program developers, co-ordinators and facilitators
  • Client facing personnel


We do this through a range of activities:

    • Culture competency training and development to enable them to better understand the individuals and communities that they are working with
    • Support to recruit and retain Aboriginal team members
    • Reviewing program delivery to advise on areas for improvements
    • Tailored program development – train the trainer style workshops and seminars
    • Policy into practice advice and consultancy to ensure effective program development – facilitate team engagement